At the Ford Law Firm, everyone knows all too well today’s reality…

However true it is that individuals are considered innocent until proven guilty under the law, in the court of public opinion even a rumor that someone is being investigated for a crime can permanently harm their reputation and maybe even cost them a job, a relationship, or their standing in the community. Unfortunately, stigmas can attach long before any evidence is presented and stigmas can be practically impossible to erase.

At the Ford Law Firm, it’s not enough to fight with legal strategies in the courtroom.  This law firm’s criminal defense philosophy is to deal with the externalities of the criminal defense process, as well.  We work hard with each and every client – from the young student facing a driving drunk charge, to the established professional being investigated for a sex crime or white collar fraud – to fight stigma, rumor, and innuendo. 

How can the Ford Law Firm protect your reputation as well as defend you against criminal charges?

In many instances, we have been successful in convincing the authorities there is insufficient evidence to even initiate an arrest against our clients.  By avoiding the arrest, the client avoids the media coverage and the permanence of an arrest record.

In other instances, after a person has been arrested, we have been able to have serious charges like, rape, child molestation, or embezzlement, dismissed before the client was indicted, which allowed us to have the arrest expunged or deleted from the client’s record.

If you have been arrested you should not wait until you receive notice of a Court date before you hire a lawyer, because by then you have been formally charged (indicted or accused) and regardless what happens thereafter, the arrest will always be on your record

By getting us involved early in the process, you increase your chances of a favorable outcome. 

Some cases will necessarily result in charges being filed, and arrests being made. 

For those clients that are formally charged with a crime under either state or federal law, the Ford Law Firm will analyze the client’s exposure and immediately begin to initiate measures to protect the client and create a defense.  It is the philosophy of The Ford Law Firm that regardless of what a citizen is accused of doing, and regardless of whether the client actually committed the crime; the client is entitled to an intelligent, creative, aggressive defense with the sole objective being to prevent the client from going to prison.

No matter the type of crime with which the individual has been accused, it is critical to the continuing freedoms constitutionally guaranteed to each of us that the government does its job.

No piece of documentary evidence, nor any snippet of witness testimony, should come before the judge and jury until it has been shown to be both legally authentic and procedurally admissible. 

Victory can come in many forms.

The criminal defense attorneys at the Ford Law Firm have helped clients be cleared in the investigation phase, as well as having charges dropped and cases dismissed early on in the process.  However, there are times when victory will be had not in a full cleaning of the slate, but instead in a tough fight to get charges substantially reduced, or a “not guilty” verdict on major charges with punishment to be had on a smaller charge and thus a lighter, better sentence following trial. 

What if a citizen has already been convicted and is serving a sentence?

This criminal defense firm does not just excel in trial, but has also been successful on appeal getting convictions overturned and a client’s life restored.

The criminal defense lawyers at the Ford Law Firm handle both pre-trial and post-trial writs and appeals, because no error should go uncorrected.  And, because over the course of the case, relationships have been built between attorney and client – relationships of trust and caring – the Ford Law Firm does not just hand over its appellate work to another firm or criminal lawyer.

It’s important to the lawyers at the Ford Law Firm to advocate in the appellate courts as well as the trial court, because they believe they not only know their clients better than any new attorney can, but they know the case better and they have the passionate dedication to make things right.  At the Ford Law Firm, the same criminal lawyers that began the fight with the criminal defendant will take that fight to the appellate court, just like they have at the trial level, because they know that this is truly in the best interests of their client.

At the Ford Law Firm, we’re in this fight together.  From start to finish.

Expect Results, Not Excuses

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