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What Evidence Is Required For A Drug Trafficking Conviction In Atlanta?

Drug abuse and trafficking is a serious problem for individuals worldwide. As per reports, nearly 61% of Georgia residents reported use of illicit drugs within the past month. Unfortunately, the national number for this report is 8.82%. 

In such situations, putting a stop to drug trafficking is important. The question is, what evidence do you need for drug trafficking in Atlanta? This article will explain the details, ensuring you understand how drug trafficking conviction in Atlanta works. 

Understanding Drug Trafficking 

Drug trafficking is the most serious of the drug-related charges. Individuals may be found guilty or face conviction because of it. It can have a long-term impact on one’s life and is a serious offense. Drugs like cocaine and heroin are the two most widely trafficked narcotics around the world. 

There’s a variety of offenses that qualify under drug trafficking, including

  • Sale of illegal substances
  • Production
  • Distribution

Drug trafficking is a severe crime with serious consequences. Even if you have never distributed narcotics, the prosecution may follow for drug trafficking. 

You may face prosecution if you have these drugs. It’s why people convicted of drug trafficking require the assistance of an experienced criminal defense attorney.

However, the prosecution needs a lot of evidence to convict you of drug trafficking. Dealing with drug cases can be a little challenging as their severity differs. Each drug case is unique, and you must prepare to defend yourself in every case whatsoever. 

What Evidence Is Required For A Drug Trafficking Conviction In Atlanta?

Drug trafficking can become more complicated. Here are the main evidence required for a drug trafficking conviction in Atlanta.

Proof of Drugs

Before the court proves you guilty of drug trafficking, there must be evidence of you have drugs on you. Evidence of any type of drug in your possession or a place under your control, such as your car or house, may lead to drug trafficking. 

In these cases, the laws governing search and seizure play a vital role, and violating these laws is not permissible. Moreover, your attorney may defend you and argue that the arrest was illegal because police cannot search you without a warrant in most cases.

Amount of Drugs Found 

The amount of drugs you possess will also influence whether you will face trafficking charges. A person who distributes drugs typically moves a large number of drugs—several pounds or even kilograms (in some cases). 

If you only have a few ounces of marijuana in your possession, the prosecution might not be able to prove your involvement in drug trafficking. This small amount is usually for personal use and doesn’t fall under drug trafficking.

Proof of Trafficking 

The prosecution must prove that you were trafficking the drugs. They must look for tangible proof of sales or purchases involving you. Communication between you and other interested parties also plays a vital role as proof.

Remember, you can store cannabis in someone’s basement, but it is not considered trafficking if it is not distributed. Although other charges are punishable by imprisonment, they are not as serious as trafficking.

Final Thoughts

Drug trafficking conviction in Atlanta requires proof of possession and trafficking. The prosecutors also need to prove your connection with the drugs. If you’re still confused about drug trafficking laws in Atlanta, we recommend reaching out to a professional law firm. They can guide you about further details. 

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