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Steps to take after a DUI in Georgia

In Georgia, the number of DUI cases and arrests has gone down significantly over the past decade. From 44017 DUI cases in 2008 to 19208 DUI cases in 2019, there has been a steep drop of about 56%. DUI in Alpharetta or other cities in Georgia has been a huge struggle for the local civilians and law enforcement agencies. But if you get arrested for a DUI, an Alpharetta DUI lawyer can help.


Getting apprehended for DUI in Alpharetta or any other town in the US can be daunting. After all, nobody can ever judge when, where, or for what their first arrest will be. Considering you will be under arrest, you must know precisely what steps to take to avoid jail time.

  1. Contact an Alpharetta DUI Lawyer

Among the 5 necessary steps to follow, you must first get a good lawyer on your side. It’s essential to make sure your rights are upheld in court or even in detention. Meeting with a highly qualified lawyer who’s willing to fight for you in court will boost your confidence and make sure that you get as lenient a sentence as possible for your DUI arrest.

  1. Document the Prior Day/Night

The next step, considering you’re in touch with a lawyer after your DUI arrest, is to document the prior day or night. You shouldn’t discuss such things with anyone else other than a lawyer who’s willing to fight for you in court. It’s important to reconcile everything that happened and all actions you took to ensure you and your lawyer have a complete insight into what actually led to your DUI case.

  1. Show Up On the Court Date

Never miss the court date the jury has given you for your DUI case. Of course, you won’t get a huge fine or penalty if you aren’t responsible for any incident. But, whether you’re guilty or not, you must show up at the court on the due date.

  1. Gather Witnesses (i.e., Friends or Family)

Gathering witnesses to support or counter any claims during your DUI case proceedings in Alpharetta can be a huge milestone. If you were out partying with your friends and family members, you could ask them to give a testimony on your behalf. Witnesses can confirm how much you had to drink and eat, so it’s admissible in court and may even affect the verdict.

  1. Completely Avoid Social Media

It’s best not to post any content on social media, such as videos, pictures, or short clips. This will prevent the public from gaining hold of your personal information and other details. For a DUI case, this could be quite detrimental as authorities could get their hands on your social media content to penalize you for your actions.


You must remain calm and not provoke any hostile actions from the law enforcement officers by being aggressive. Once you’re apprehended or even pulled over, you can call your Alpharetta DUI lawyer to discuss a strategy. Of course, committing an action such as driving under the influence is a serious offense. But, with the help of a lawyer, you can have your sentence/fine/penalty minimized.


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