Firearms Defense Lawyer in Atlanta & Alpharetta, Georgia

Gun or weapons offenses are felonies under Georgia state law and federal law that carry serious consequences, including significant jail time, if convicted. Weapons offenses can be prosecuted under state or federal law, depending on the circumstances of a specific case. The Ford Law Firm can provide an experienced firearm defense lawyer to represent you in state or federal court, as well as appeals.

In general, federal firearms charges result in greater penalties than under state law. Some weapon related crimes in Georgia are felonies and carry very serious consequences and jail time. Under state and federal law, when weapons are used in the commission of a crime, the presence of the weapon results in significantly increased punishment. We represent clients charged with illegal weapons crimes involving guns, knives, or bunt objects.

There are several firearm violations under state and federal law, including possession of an illegal weapon, possession of a firearm by a person previously convicted of a felony, transporting a gun across state lines, weapons sales and trafficking, unlicensed weapons, possession of a firearm in a restricted area or in the commission of a crime, straw purchases, and more.

When facing allegations or charges related to weapons or firearms in Atlanta or Alpharetta, you need an experienced gun lawyer to handle your case. At the Ford Law Firm, your lawyer will assemble a team that includes our professional staff, private investigators and outside experts to investigate the situation, analyze the prosecution’s evidence, and ensure that your rights are protected in state or federal court. Please call our office to schedule a consultation with a firearm defense attorney.

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