Credit Card Fraud

Credit Card Fraud Defense Lawyer in Atlanta & Alpharetta, Georgia

Credit card fraud cases are complex, due to the number of transactions that are typically involved in these cases. Under Georgia state law, credit card fraud involves taking possession of a person's credit card number and making purchases. Each transaction is treated as a separate crime, which can result in numerous counts of fraud against a defendant. If you or a loved one is being investigated or charged with this crime, you need an experienced fraud attorney.

The Ford Law Firm represents clients in Atlanta and throughout Georgia in misdemeanor and felony credit card fraud cases. Factors such as the number of transactions, total value of the transactions and whether other charges, such as forgery or grand theft, are filed will influence whether the defendant is charged under state or federal law. Our Atlanta criminal law firm represents clients in state and federal court.

When facing allegations of credit card fraud, swift action is needed. At the Ford Law Firm, your fraud attorney will work with you and experts in the field to undertake an investigation, conduct interviews, and review paperwork and the evidence the government is using to support its case. in every stage of the process, the client is considered an integral part of the defense team.

Your fraud attorney will negotiate with the prosecution, seeking first to have the charges dismissed, have charges reduced to a lesser charge and to limit punishment to community service or restitution. We discuss the possible consequences and communicate effectively with you throughout the duration of your case. Please call our office to schedule an initial consultation with our fraud attorney to discuss your unique situation.

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