Murder Defense Lawyer in Atlanta & Alpharetta, Georgia

The Ford Law Firm is an Atlanta murder law firm representing clients in all types of murder and homicide cases. When facing murder charges, you need an experienced Alpharetta murder defense attorney to take your case as soon as possible. This crime results in serious penalties including extended jail time and the death penalty in the State of Georgia. Call the Ford Law Firm for immediate assistance, if you or a loved one is being investigated or charged with murder.

Murder and homicide cases in Georgia are vigorously prosecuted. There are several different murder charges in Georgia, including voluntary or involuntary manslaughter, homicide by vehicle, first, second and third degree murder, and felony murder, which occurs when a murder occurs during the commission of another felony, such as armed robbery. The circumstances of the individual case will determine which charges are filed against a defendant.

There are serious punishments under Georgia state law for all types of murder cases. However, the severity varies depending on the situation. The death penalty is often imposed for felony murder cases in the state of Georgia, so in addition to your freedom, your life may be on the line if you are convicted. Therefore, it is essential to seek representation from an experienced Alpharetta murder defense attorney as quickly as possible.

At the Ford Law Firm, we carefully investigate the case using experts in related fields to build a solid defense for our clients. Possible defenses are considered, such as self-defense or unintentional killing, such as in a hunting accident. We negotiate with the prosecution on behalf of our clients and provide a vigorous defense in court to defend your rights and preserve your freedom. Please contact our Atlanta murder law firm to schedule your initial consultation.

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