Probation / Parole Violations and Revocations

Probation / Parole Violations and Revocations Defense Lawyer in Atlanta & Alpharetta, Georgia

Bad decisions, timing, drugs, alcohol or bad luck can result in an individual being convicted of a crime. This may include incarceration for felonies or probation for less serious crimes. When a person is convicted of a misdemeanor, a judge may choose to place conditions of probation on a defendant, rather than incarceration, including supervision by a probation officer.

When a person is convicted of a serious crime and serves the required time in prison, the individual will be able to return to the community on parole, depending on the crime and approval of the Georgia parole board. The individual is then under the supervision of a parole officer and may be required to live and work in a certain area, stay away from known felons, and possibly other limitations based on the crime and other factors.

Whether an individual is on probation or parole, the parole or probation can be revoked, if the individual breaks the conditions and limitations placed upon them. However, in some situations, it can be difficult to meet the imposed requirements and the probation officer or parole officer may by unsympathetic or uncooperative. Even seemingly minor violations can result in probation or parole revocation and incarceration. If you are accused of breaking parole or probation, it is important to have a criminal law attorney on your side.

At the Ford Law Firm, we can provide an experienced parole revocation attorney to protect your rights, if you are facing the possibility of probation revocation or parole revocation. Our criminal defense lawyer has effectively handled probation and parole revocation issues for our clients in the Atlanta metropolitan area, throughout the State of Georgia and in other areas of the country.

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