Robbery Defense Lawyer in Atlanta & Alpharetta, Georgia

Under Georgia law and federal law, robbery and armed robbery are felonies. Robbery occurs when property is taken through threats, coercion or violence. If a weapon is used in a robbery, the individual is charged with armed robbery. When accused or charged with robbery or armed robbery, you need an experienced criminal defense attorney to defend your rights and your freedom.

Robbery is a broad term that applies to a wide range of situations from a misdemeanor shoplifting charge to serious felony charges. A teenager shoplifting in store is likely going to be charged with a misdemeanor, while crimes such as fraud, extortion, embezzlement, identity theft, or counterfeiting result in more serious felony charges in addition to the felony robbery charge.

There are several factors that determine whether state or federal law applies to a specific case. For example, if the robbery is a home invasion or carjacking, the case will likely be pursued under Georgia state law. When a financial institution, airport or federal property is involved, the case is more likely to be pursued by federal law enforcement and the person charged under U.S. federal law.

Experienced criminal defense attorneys can most effectively defend the rights of individuals charged with robbery or armed robbery. At the Ford Law Firm, we build a criminal defense team that includes the criminal defense attorney, client, and experts in the field, depending on the situation. We conduct a thorough investigation and work to negotiate on behalf of our clients to have charges dismissed or reduced to a lesser charge and limit punishment.

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