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The reality of today’s culture is that even the suggestion that you are being investigated for any type of sex crime can permanently harm your personal reputation, detrimentally impact your career, destroy close relationships, and cost you your job.  Innocent people living here in Georgia have been ruined almost overnight by the mere rumor and innuendo of a sex crimes investigation. 

Rumor and Innuendo of a Sex Crimes Charge Can Ruin Lives

Therefore, it is extremely important for anyone who fears that they – or a loved one – may be targeted for any kind of sex crime allegation (illegal sexual activity) to contact an Atlanta sex crimes attorney experienced in sex crimes defense as soon as possible.   Having zealous legal counsel is vital, so your reputation and rights can be protected quickly and well.

Ford Law Firm -- Experienced Atlanta Sex Crimes Attorneys

Here at the Ford Law Firm, our Atlanta sex crime attorneys have dealt with the complexities of a wide variety of sex crime allegations under both Georgia law and federal statute.  We have significant experience in defending individuals accused of molestation as well as charges involving internet pornography, or computer pornography, as well as illicit contact with minors via the internet and otherwise.

Quickly Hiring an Atlanta Sex Crimes Attorney is Very Important

When illegal sexual activity is involved – particularly if one of the alleged victims is a minor child or an elderly person – police officers, district attorneys, and other law enforcement authorities can be stubborn and unyielding in their focused pursuit of a particular sex crime defendant.  Sometimes, in doing so, these authorities will ignore, overlook, or even discredit evidence that is helpful or even exculpatory for their target. 

It is important to have an experienced Atlanta sex crimes attorney on your case, protecting your rights and watching over the investigation and activity of law enforcement in any instance of sex crime allegations.  Having a sex crimes attorney at your side as soon as possible is not a suggestion of guilt – it is protecting your rights, as well as the reputation and security of you and your family. 

Our Law Firm Represent Individuals Accused of All Types of Sex Crimes under Georgia Law

Our Atlanta sex crimes law firm represents individuals who have been accused of sex crimes as they have been defined under federal statute and Georgia law, including:

Accused of a Sex Crime?  Initial consultation offered by Ford Law Firm in all Sex Crimes Matters

If you or a loved one is facing federal or state charges involving sex crimes and the risk of serious incarceration, then please feel free to call our law firm to schedule an initial consultation with an experienced Atlanta sex crimes attorney.  We’re here to help you.

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