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The charge of theft is different than robbery in that there is no threat of violence or intimidation. Theft occurs when a person takes property, keeps property that the owner wants returned, sells stolen property or changes price tags on merchandise in a store. When facing theft charges, you need the advice and guidance of an Alpharetta theft lawyer. At the Ford Law Firm, we represent clients charged with theft in Atlanta and throughout the state of Georgia.

The value of the stolen property determines whether the individual is charged with a misdemeanor or felony under Georgia law. In some cases, an individual is charged with theft and another felony. This often happens with white collar crimes, such as credit card fraud, identity theft, extortion, fraud or another related white collar crime. When facing an accusation of theft, it is essential to have effective representation from an experienced criminal law attorney.

As your criminal defense lawyer, we work with our clients to create a defense team for your specific case. Our criminal attorneys work with a professional legal staff and outside experts, including forensic experts, computer scientists, private investigators, and other experts, depending on the case. We carefully select experts in a variety of fields to investigate the situation, review the paper trail and analyze the evidence the government is using to support the charges against the client.

When we have completed the investigation, the criminal defense lawyer meets with the client to review the bargaining advantages and disadvantages and continuum of possible consequences from dismissal to a prison term to determine the best course of action. At the Ford Law Firm, we negotiate with the prosecutor to argue for dismissal, bring down charges, and limit punishment for the client. Please call our office to schedule an initial consultation with an Alpharetta theft lawyer.


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